History of JMCC Wing Generator

A welcome message from the Owner Inventor Professor James McCanney –

In 2004 I was hired as a consultant by a bio fuel energy company to do an end to end analysis of Excel Energy Company which provides electrical energy to many states in the midwestern USA. At the completion they asked me to analyze the upcoming “alternative energy” industry which specifically included 3 blade wind turbines and solar PV (photo voltaic solar panels).

My first conclusion was of utter shock at the huge amount of wasted energy in the production and distribution of electricity using coal and nuclear power (Excel’s primary sources). For every 10 trainloads of coal or crates of nuclear fuel cells, 8 of them went directly into the atmosphere as heat without producing a single watt of electricity. At best the end to end process was 20% efficient. Excel energy was on a path to install more “alternative energy” than any other provider primarily installing 3 blade wind turbines.

I performed physics engineering experiments and made detailed calculations based on industry standard designs as well as projected their future growth. Again, I was amazed to find out that the “3 blade monsters” did not work and never would work. 95% of the wind passed through them without ever touching the blades, yet the industry claimed they were efficient. I also determined that solar would never make even a dent in the electricity requirements of the world even if implemented in the sunniest driest places on earth. I calculated that if you could make a solar panel 100% efficient (they are about 15% efficient in reality) and could sell it for 1 cent per panel, you would still never make a dent in the world energy requirement. Investing in these kind of solar panels is not a good idea.

wind turbine

I went on radio shows and other venues talking about “The Myth of Alternative Energy”. I even wrote a white paper by this name. At this point it became clear that the companies pushing the 3 blade wind generators had a larger agenda. Today the main companies selling 3 blade wind turbines are all failing. How could an industry that was subsidized more than any other industry in the history of the world and that has a product that is in huge demand be failing? GE and Siemens, the two largest manufacturers of wind energy products, also have as their core business the equipment used in central power companies that dwarfed their “alternative energy” divisions. There was a clear conflict of interest. Did they know this all along? I decided I was going to solve this problem.

At this point, I knew that solar by its intermittent nature would never solve the world energy crisis. Possibly wind held the key. I made calculations showing that any large region like states or countries have a near constant amount of wind energy when time averaged over the entire region. Wind was the solution … all we needed was a device that efficiently extracted the energy from the wind. This led to the rise of investment opportunities for Green Hydrogen. Using my extensive engineering and Physics background, I wrote what is known in engineering circles as a “Functional Specification”. This is not a design document but a document that simply states everything that the product should and should not do … what it should be and not be. Upon finishing this I had over 50 improvements over the 3 blade wind monsters. At this point I started my design. The patented trademarked JMCC WING® Generator was the result.

Today we are marketing a complete product line for Farm & Ranch (ranging from 2 kW to 250 kW) with a long list of accessories including electrical generation for home and industrial applications in any international standard. We are also developing JMCC WING® Generators for Medium Commercial (10 to 25 Mega Watt) and Large Commercial (100 to 250 Mega Watt).

We recently entered the world of Green Hydrogen generation and are now able to produce Green H2 on a commercial level using the JMCC WING® Generator technology. We are accepting investors on this ground floor business (use the contact page if you are an interested accredited investor). The billionaires of tomorrow will be those who utilize these investment opportunities for green hydrogen and invest today in Green H2. We are on a path to eventually install units that we project will produce 96,000 kg of H2 per day at less than $2 per kg with a one year ROI. If you are an investor or OEM manufacturer using H2 see the CONTACT page above.

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