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We welcome inquiries regarding our residential and commercial wind energy and related products as well as serious investors interested in Green Hydrogen, Atmospheric Water Generators, eV charging stations powered by wind, backup Generators, shipping containers and shipping container buildings. For Farm & Ranch wind energy and related systems (up to 250 kW WING Generators and related equipment) download the brochures and product information (customer questionnaire) and email.

INVESTORS and Green H2 OEM developers: If you are an accredited investor with verifiable funds who wishes to invest in ground floor Green Hydrogen business here is what is available. Your investment will be used to build projects to produce and sell Green Hydrogen using our wind energy and Green H2 generators. Also available are the other technologies listed on the home page. If you are an OEM developer in the Green H2 sector learn how you can partner with us to have a complete end to end H2 production system coordinated with your project.

We do not use venture capital. Investor minimum investment verifiable $5 million USD. We do not sell technology or patent rights.

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