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A welcome message from the Owner Inventor Professor James McCanney –

20 years ago I set out to solve the two greatest problems facing the world today … ENERGY AND WATER. Most of the world lacks these life essential resources. The small percentage of earth’s population that have access to these are paying an ever increasing price for them. If one could solve these two problems, all the other problems we face would be greatly diminished including the concerns regarding Global Warming which has become the basis for global political agendas.

Enter here to learn about our solutions. The heart of the product line is the JMCC WING® Generator for which we own multiple patents and holds a registered TradeMark JMCC WING®. The “WING” has 24 major improvements over 3 blade wind turbines being much more efficient and is scalable beyond what 3 blade turbines can obtain. Solar is not in the same ball park. We market electricity in all international standards for small – medium and large applications, providing energy for our line of eV charging stations, Green Hydrogen H2 Generators with storage and distribution, also powering water solutions such as Reverse Osmosis, Atmospheric Water Generators and water filtration as well as food production with Aeroponics the future of agriculture. We also offer new shipping containers and custom shipping container buildings and more.

My personal goal is to build WING energy units that will produce 100,000 kg of Green Hydrogen per day at $2 per kg and without government subsidies. We are looking for accredited investors who want to join the eV and Green H2 revolution. Use the contact page to begin your journey.